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Westlake Village, CA, Water Damage and its Types

Like all other places, your home or workplace in Westlake Village, CA too is prone to various types of water damage. These types of water can affect your property and the individuals involved in the damage in different ways. According to the IICRC’s Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, there are three types of water damages that exist.

Types of Water Damage

Clean Water

Clean water makes up category I in the types of water damages that exist. The releasing point or source of this water is clean as it is not contaminated in any way. Individuals and animals in Westlake Village, CA who consume this water do not come under any threat or danger of any sort which is why it is safe for drinking. The potential sources of clean water make up faulty supply lines on appliances and leaky faucets, vertical falling of rain water, broken water supply tanks and pipes among others.

Grey Water

Grey water makes up category II in the types of water damage. It is commonly known as waste water because it is a consequence of carrying out routine activities in your homes. It comes with a certain amount of contamination even though it is similar to clean water in many ways. It does not however consist of fecal matter. Those who drink this water are likely to feel a little nauseous, slightly uncomfortable and uneasy. Flushes from dishwashers, showers, sinks, tub drains and washing machines make up the potential sources of grey water.

Black Water

In the types of water damages that exist, black water makes up category III. It comprises of fecal matter and other dangerous components which is why it is extremely hazardous to the health of individuals as well as animals in Westlake Village, CA. This is because it can cause serious illness which can even lead to death in extreme cases. It promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and is a major component of stagnant water. The sources of black water include rising flood water from streams/floods and ground surface water that flows horizontally into homes.

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Even though there are broad categories that distinguish the types of water damages, they are not always easy to differentiate when you try to apply these rules to real life. This is why you need to contact experts on water damage restoration in Westlake Village, CA, who are able to easily detect the types of water damage and thereby provide you with the most suitable restorative as well as preventative measure available. When you contact us on time, we can effectively help to bring the damage under control in a humongous way.

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